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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More food

The food has been mostly fantastic. Here are the highlights.

yakiniku at Yakiyakiya - small pieces of meat that you cook over a charcoal grill on the table, including the Sendai speciality gyutan (cow's tongue).

bento from a stall at the station - lunch box of various meat, fish, rice and pickles.

sushi at Sushi-kan - unsurprisingly, this was far better than any sushi I'd had before. Even better was the sushi train at Uoki in Nagoya station, unagi (conger eel) is very tasty.

Lunch in the Engineering Faculty canteen - cooked fish, rice, miso, pickles, natto (soy beans in glue). Amazingly good value at 367 yen.

Breakfast at the hotel (see Thursday's blog).

sashimi, tempura, soba and various unrecognisables at a ryoriya with my hosts.

Broth of cow's innards, shredded radish and noodles at Yamana in Fukuoka. A local speciality, absolutely delicious.

okonomoni-yaki in Nagoya (see previous post).

ramen in Osu district of Nagoya - Chinese noodles in hot pepper broth with minced pork (I think). To slurp is good manners; although how one slurps without spraying I haven't figured out.

Various washoku at the local shokudo - I just pointed at the pictures, who knows what it was.

ranchi setto ("lunch set" with a Japanese accent) in the Engineering Faculty restaurant - cold soba (buckwheat noodles), rice and conger eel, dessert was soy bean machi (sweet rice dumplings covered with soy bean paste).

yakitori - any part of a chicken, barbequed on skewers: stomach, heart, neck, thigh, skin, wing, with lots of edamame and raw cabbage, pork ribs and barbequed rice cakes brushed with shoyu.

All with chopsticks (hashi). The whole cooked fish was the hardest (see previous post). Scrambled eggs are surprisingly easy, although pudding made from eggs and fish stock is nigh impossible. Lifting tofu out of miso is tricky (the slightest excess of pressure and it gently slips into two pieces and plops back in, getting ever smaller).

I think the live octopus can wait a while yet.


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